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Following the Life Plan Community model, Generations residents pay an initial entrance fee prior to moving in, as well as a monthly fee. This monthly fee is dependent on the size of your selected residence and the number of occupants. Of course, no matter what plan you choose, each option provides you with everything you need to live a carefree lifestyle at an affordable and sustainable cost.

At Generations, we make sure your money goes further. Not only does the monthly fee cover your residence, but it also includes all of your maintenance costs, an adjustable dining plan, utilities, housekeeping services, and of course, 24-hour access to our ongoing care specialists here on campus. Additionally, living at Generations ensures you have access to all the on-site amenities and programming that make living here an experience like no other.

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Residents of Generations at Shalom Park may be eligible for a tax deduction as it pertains to your payment of the entrance fee and monthly fees. We recommend consulting with your tax advisor for additional information.

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Moving to a retirement community is a big decision, and often one full of “what-ifs” and must-haves. It’s important to understand the value that living in a Life Plan Community can provide you, especially as you try to prepare for the unforeseen challenges that inherently come with aging. Being well-informed about your options and understanding the differences between them is the first step in making a decision about retirement living.

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