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Why Start Planning for Retirement Living Now?

“Planning” is something we all do. Well, at least those of us who try to be wise and organized. But, planning early for the future isn’t only smart, it also implies confidence in one’s future.   So, why exactly, do experts continually encourage people of retirement age to think carefully and plan early for their […]

How to Thrive in Retirement as a Single Older Adult

  How to Thrive in Retirement as a Single Older Adult Adjusting to retirement can be challenging as a single older adult. You may be confronted with feelings of loneliness or isolation. However, there are many ways to make this phase of life more enjoyable. Take a look!   Three Great Ways to Enjoy Retirement […]

Enjoyable Ways to ‘Live Active’ in Charlotte, N.C.

There’s a lot of talk these days about living longer and the benefits of “active living” in retirement. For those who have made regular exercise a part of their everyday lives, retirement gives them the opportunity to continue with their routines, try something new or spend more time outside. For others who have not had […]

The Importance of the Continuum of Care at Generations

Charlotte, North Carolina, is a popular destination for those considering senior living locations. Whether you’re familiar with Charlotte, live here now, or you’ve never been, the many different senior living communities in the area attest to how exceptional it is for independent living. If you’re interested in senior living in Charlotte, Generations at Shalom Park […]

Find the Joy in Planning for Retirement Today

The Joy in Finding the Right Retirement Community We all know waiting too long to make big life changes – having children, starting a business or planning for retirement – actually makes the process harder. So, what makes it easier? A simple change of perspective. Being human, many of us tend to put off what […]

Understanding the Costs of Senior Living

Whether you’re starting to think about retirement planning or you have actively begun to research different senior living communities, the first thing most people ask is, “How much will it cost?” We get it! You just want to know what you will pay, what you can afford and what you will get in return. This […]

Six Reasons to Retire in Charlotte

Charlotte, North Carolina – a Top Retirement Destination As dreams of a relaxing and fulfilling retirement start to become reality, many seniors decide they want a completely new place to live – a retirement destination. With its mild climate, accessible location and dynamic sports, cultural and dining scenes, Charlotte, N.C., easily sits at the top […]

Myths and Facts about Senior Living Communities

When exploring retirement options, it’s a good idea to research several senior living communities – both online and in person. But sometimes fears, misconceptions and myths play a part in delaying that research. We’re going to tackle several myths head-on so you can relax and enjoy your retirement exploration. After all – this is YOUR […]

Life Plan Community or Aging in Place: What’s the Better Option?

As a society, one of the most cherished freedoms we have cultivated over the past century is the freedom to choose how and where we will live in our retirement years. Since 1900, the number of Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs) in the U.S. has increased from a […]

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