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Book recommendations for ‘Generations’

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” But really you can and should have both. In retirement, why not make new friends and stay connected with old friends through books? You have more time for both, after all. You could join a book club or even start one, inviting […]

Building a community before the community is built

Maggie and Mick Miller know about building a sense of community before a community is physically built. When the couple, formerly of Pineville, North Carolina, reserved a two-bedroom, two-bath apartment at the Gateway at Aldersgate – Generations’ sister community – their new home existed only on a blueprint. They liked the vision they saw, all […]

How Seniors Can Achieve Their Health Goals

As you get older, your wellness ambitions may change, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from continuing to set wellness goals. Whether it’s being able to keep up with your grandchildren, running a 5k, building stamina to walk around the park with your friends, or changing your diet to give you more energy, wellness […]

Why Generations?

Deciding if, and when, to move to a retirement community is momentous. So is deciding which one best suits your needs. You have to consider location, amenities including dining, your neighbors, how easily you could move to a higher level of care if needed. Generations at Shalom Park, a new Aldersgate senior living facility being […]

Make New Friends. Keep the Old.

You never outgrow the need for friends. Many new residents of retirement communities express delight at the ready-made friends they find there. It’s easy – almost automatic – to make pals in your building, in exercise classes, at learning events and in the cafe and dining room. Once getting settled into a new routine and […]

Why Life Plan Communities Are A Financially Savvy Choice

As exciting and easygoing as retirement is, there’s a lot of planning and coordination that comes into play before you get to sit back and relax. And with so many decisions to make around location, healthcare, cost of living, etc., it can become a little overwhelming trying to sort through everything at once. We understand […]

Benefits of Making a Retirement Decision Now

Putting major decisions on the back burner is something we all do. Making big choices can be stressful and time-consuming, so it’s easy to ignore them while life moves on. It’s easy to say to yourself, “I’ll make the decision when the time comes,” but when is the right time? While the right time varies […]

The Benefits of Life Plan Community Living as a Senior

As a senior in retirement, you want to enjoy your newfound freedom as much as possible. In a senior living community, residents enjoy all the perks of retirement without any of the stress and hard work involved with maintaining a home. Between amenities like pools and shaded, verdant walking trails and an exciting calendar of […]