About Generations at Shalom Park.


The vision for Generations at Shalom Park began with the recognition that there is no other place like it.

Among the schools, Temples, and organizations that make their home in Shalom Park, at the center of Jewish life in Charlotte, there was nothing specifically for older adults. At the same time, Aldersgate, which provides exceptional living opportunities for aging elsewhere in the region, saw the opportunity to extend its mission of service to older adults into SouthPark in a setting that is truly multigenerational.

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In keeping with a focus on wellness that will permeate every aspect of life at Generations, from healthful dining to fitness and social interaction, community residents will automatically become members of the JCC, gaining access to all of its classes, resources, and engagement opportunities.

For both Shalom Park and Aldersgate, the vision of a community guided by Jewish values and open to older adults of all faiths, beliefs, and lifestyles was a compelling and powerful incentive for a productive partnership.

Thanks to its unique setting, welcoming culture, abundant amenities, and—most of all, to the special people who are excited to call it home—Generations will be a place like no place else.

See how and why the plan for Generations at Shalom Park began.

The most important belief we share is a belief in community.